She’s been around the block

I’m Lynn, a something-something year old woman from Los Angeles.  I’ve lived in Chicago, New York and even Iowa City, Iowa.   My job has enabled me to not only travel throughout the entire US, but also have a bunch of fun adventures along the way.

I’ve fallen in love, been married, had affairs, and of course, had the pleasure of being dumped.  I recorded all these events in journals that I’ve written in for the past 26 years.  56 Men and Other Mistakes is a compilation of my memories.

I pulled the number 56 out of my ass, but in reality I’m not sure of the actual number.  Not until I go through all the journals.  And as I’m still having adventures, there is always more to write about.  Hopefully that number will continue to grow.

I’ve messed around with a guy who’s name is from every letter of the alphabet but Q, Y and Z.  So if your name is Zachary, Quinton or Yarden and you’re cute, hit me up at  Until then, I’ll just keep reading, writing and fucking.





5 thoughts on “She’s been around the block

  1. Hello Doll! I’ve nominated you for a bunch (3) blogging awards because I adore you 🙂 Rules and other BS is on my latest post if you want to participate.


  2. Sam Dolan says:

    So all men were mistakes? 🙂

  3. I know a bit about mistakes. Can’t wait to read about yours! 😉

    • lynnhalsted says:

      hi there CW,

      i can’t wait to read your blog. sorry i’ve been so busy i haven’t caught up on anyone’s blog. but i’m eager to read yours, just the title alone gets me going.


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